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Logistics | The Ruby Company

Have trucks.
Will travel.

Reliability carriers count on.

Carriers expect us to be consistent. And rightly so. That consistency and reliability translate to our logistics services as well. We can accommodate Full Truckload, LTL, Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van, and more. 

We know the road.

Anticipating rate surges, holiday surges, truck shortages, or the freight market comes with tribal knowledge and relationships. We have the flexibility to work in a contractual pricing or ad hoc transactional pricing capacity, depending on what our clients need in the moment.

Nationwide reach.

We’re uniquely positioned to operate all over the US, from our home base in Chicago, deploying networks and close relationships we’ve built with big carriers like Union Pacific and CSX

For logistics services inquires or submissions, drop us a line.
Our Greatest Asset

Strong partnerships.

Our customers and carriers depend on us to keep things moving. No matter what. And to keep them updated about it.