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Partners | The Ruby Company

We shake hands from
coast to coast.

Whether that’s a hand that just came out of the dirt or a hand that just came off a keyboard, they’re all partners in our network. And that means they’re in your network, too.

Better relationships help us deliver for our customers. And man do they deliver.

  • 100+

    Growers & shippers nationwide

  • 375M

    Pounds of potatoes shipped & sold

  • 9K

    Full truckloads sold in 2018

Don’t take our word for it. Get it from the source.

Growers & Shippers

Ruby knows our business, our bottom line, and knows us as individuals. There is loyalty amongst us and trust.

Dwayne Fisher

Champion Produce, Inc.

The Ruby Company is not just a customer of ours, they feel like a teammate, like we’re working together to achieve a common goal.

Ryan Wahlen

Pleasant Valley Potato, Inc.

The Ruby Company is always on the lookout for new potential customers to help us grow our business.

Michelle Reynolds

United Growers

From finding strong deals for our customers on potatoes and onions to letting us know when markets are changing at the instant those changes are detected, the personal touch is a key element to our mutually beneficial relationship.

Melissa Ackerman Melshenker

Produce Alliance

Got a challenge that needs to be solved? Let’s do it together.